Toddler posture awareness for putting shoes on

Toddlers may develop poor posture due to prolonged sitting hours in their day to day lives. Sitting can be accounted for meal times, school, playing, and tv time. If we are not watchful, poor postural behaviour can lead to poor functional

activity, such as putting the shoes on. Will they choose the most core challenging way or the easy way?

In this picture, lifting the leg up for fitting the shoe, will challenge their sitting balance, core stability, flexibility and keeping the hip joint from tightening.

In this picture, the foot is brought to the side of the hip, as in the W sitting position. This does not challenge the core, in fact, it shortens the hip joint and internally rotates the hip. This can lead to core instability, back pain and knee pain problems.

If you think how many times a child puts their shoes on per day, take this as a practice for good habits and challenging the core to maintain healthy posture for life.

If you want to discuss about your child, please feel free to contact me! I’ll be happy to!



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