Free advice

Just a note

The reason I give free advices is because in practice I see disable and healthy kids and adults and during assessment I can track back their joint pain or back pain to their story on how they were born, how they learnt to walk or crawl and how they sat as child. A lot of the times it’s all avoidable with simple advice early on. Parents need to understand the views of what to expect from a good posture. I don’t feel the need to charge because it is something that once said to people, they go like oh that makes sense. So I’m just highlighting what they already know.

So as a mom and a physio I want to give my child the best start in life physically that he can have. He has hip problems and I’m constantly watchful but other parents would not know what to do. That is where I want to be! To show them what they already know and help them lead their kids to healthy physical individuals for life!


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