Feel free to contact me through this contact form. I’ll get back to you within 48 hours via email or phone call.

2 thoughts on “General Enquiry Contact Form

  1. Roberta, I can’t thank you enough for being able to find out what my problem was and help me to solve it! I live in United States and speaking with Roberta over the phone for the first time bout this numbness that I have on my right tight nearly 7 years, which also generated other much worse symptoms brought me to a total health quality life improvement. In a very quiet and calm way Roberta spent more time listening to my detail report, that I have memorized for many times I’ve repeated to Physic neurologists and different medical professionals that I’ve been to. Then Roberta asked me all the right questions she could think of it and I answered most of them. After she heard all she needed she gave me this exercise to do it to stretch my abdomen helping to break up possible scar tissues. So I went and immediately did the exercise. For my surprise I felt a strained muscle sensation, like a stab-like sensation, no pain, just as if something had been released from this very tight state. That night, when the symptoms and pain were usually more intense I realized that for the first time in years I wasn’t felling anything. Even my husband was amazed to see me laying on the bed and not moaning and groaning like I used to do every night. The sensation of a burning tingling or more like some kind of burning acid fluid running through my veins has completely gone since then. I also learned for the first time what NeuroKinetic Therapy can do to help with internal and external injuries. I am so happy and pleased with the results achieved! From that time until this day Roberta listens to my concerns of symptoms and explains the reason for any pain and discomfort relating to scars tissue caused by a quite number of surgeries I had in the past and how I could improve things. Now going through the day and specially the night without pain and knowing what to do and eve how to get rid of knots on this connective tissue called fascia, also caused by the surgeries, has helping me to eliminate and prevent future problems.
    Thank you so much Roberta! You are an awesome professional!


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    1. Thank you so much for your sincere comment. It makes me happy to know that a simple free advice lead you to so much relief! Keep up the good work and anytime you need a chat feel free to contact me!


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