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I would like to introduce myself and my Business. I’m a physiotherapist who has a passion for caring for people. I enjoy my job for many reasons. I like to listen to people’s stories and help them in what I can. Through Physiotherapy I feel I have a greater reason to get through to people and help them with a chat and caring for their body and soul. My passion is to enable them safer mobility in their environment but also to give them the power to keep striving towards they goals. There is so much to learn from our senior community, hence why I would like to work in care homes.
The main causes of rapid health deterioration within the senior community are fall, slips, and illness forcing an individual to be bed bound. The program has elements of fall prevention exercises to build the individual confidence to be safer. In case of bed bound situation a new assessment would be necessary and a costume program to enable quicker mobility recovery.
I have developed programs and services that will work with any home care
setting. This program can work for each individual or in a group class format. I would be delighted if you would like to have a free no commitment meeting to give me the opportunity to answer all your questions.  Whatever your needs we can discuss and agree on what is best for your care home. I feel it is useful to know what services are available in case you ever need.
I can be reached via email or my mobile 07413520961 and more information is available on my website

Roberta Cardoso
BSc Physiotherapy (Honours) MSCP MHPC MATACP

Physiotherapy Today Services

Treatment Plan Program

Individual 1 hour £50

This program is for the individual who is suffering with any condition that would require physiotherapy treatment. Patient can self-refer to this service via email, phone call or inquiring at their care home reception. An initial assessment would last one hour which includes treatment. Treatment will be tailored to the patient’s needs and education for self-care instructed and written information given for any exercises prescribed. It will be at the discretion of the patient to re-book if needed. A treatment table will be provided alongside any equipment needed for treatment. Any follow up appointment will last 45 min for £40.

Group session 1 hour £65

This program is tailored to a specific group of individuals. The groups are lower back pain, hip and knee pain or shoulder and neck pain. Patients would attend this at a set time and date. This could be run on a weekly basis or biweekly for one hour. The exercises and stretches would be gentle and done from a chair. Each patient would have to go through an individual assessment appointment of £10 before joining the group classes. Group classes sizes between 8 to 12 participants.


  1. I will bring my own table and equipment. I would need a small room to be able to treat patients. I am flexible and able to treat patients on their bed if they prefer.
  2. Group class’s chairs will need to be provided by the care homes. A dining table like chair that is in good condition will be necessary for each patient joining the class. I’m happy to prepare the room prior to the class.
  3. All payments to be made by cash or cheque at the completion of the treatment.
  4. I’m open to be called when needed or to attend your care home on a set time and day of the week on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis as per your needs and agreement.
  5. Prices can be different to suit your home needs.