Patient’s testimonials and achievements are my best reward!

Thank you very much Roberta! Your classes were absolutely fantastic! I also benefited from the private sessions before that and I am very happy and pleased with the results achieved!
Just to mention that I’ve had a constant lower back pain since I gave birth (nearly 8 years ago) and so far I’ve been to my gp (and other doctors) about the problem and in their view everything has been ok, so they didn’t even sent me to a physio. That’s how I found Roberta privately and started to meet with her every other week.
For the very first time she explained what was the reason for my back pain and how I could improve things. Later on I started to attend the classes which were so helpful and also very motivating.
Now I can go through the day without pain (or a very mild one) and also I know methods how to relax my back and how to ease my pain after a long day of intensive physical work.
Thank you ever so much, Roberta!
I would recommend the private sessions and the classes to anyone with back problems, as from my experience I’ve seen that there is a way out of back pain!